Square Brackets Can Not Be Entered in Zend Studio with German Keyboard Layout


Zend Studio offers an optional 3rd party plugin called "Emmet" (previously known as "Zen Coding"). Unfortunately, on some systems (primarily in Windows), this plugin registers keyboard shortcuts that interfere with the German keyboard layout. This is immediately noticeable when a programmer tries to type in code that contains square brackets ( [ and ] ).

The root cause of the problem is in the way Java handles the keyboard input that involves AltGr (AltGr+8 and AltGr+9 for sqaure brackets) – AltGr comes across as Ctrl+Alt.


The "offending" shortcuts that Emmet registers are "Next Edit Point" ( Ctrl+Alt+[ ) and "Previous Edit Point" ( Ctrl+Alt+] ). The problem can be easily fixed by re-assigning these key combinations in Window | Preferences, General | Keys.