How to Restore Zend Studio 5.5 Preferences and Settings to the Default Settings


Sometimes it is impossible to reset all or some of the configuration of Zend Studio 5.5 via the program GUI (right-click in the Preferences dialog, Restore All Defaults). In specific cases wrong or corrupted configuration may even prevent Zend Studio from starting. This article describes how to remove Zend Studio 5.5 configuration files.


  1. Close Zend Studio.
  2. Find your Zend Studio settings directory. By default it is located at:
    • GNU/Linux or MacOS – ~/ZDE/config_5.5
    • Microsoft Windows - C:\%USERPROFILE%\ZDE\config_5.5
  3. Rename the settings directory, for example to config_5.5_backup.
  4. Restart Zend Studio.


The program will regenerate the settings directory and populate it with the default settings.